Every nurse remembers the excitement and pride he or she felt when first opening that box containing his or her very first stethoscope. The novelty may have worn-off some for your new graduate nurse, but that doesn’t mean that the poor stethoscope need be relegated to floating around at the bottom of a tote bag, getting tangled in everything from your gym socks to your lunch. This lightweight hard case will keep it in pristine condition for years to come!
When I was in my first year of practice as an oncology clinical nurse specialist (more than 30 years ago), my patient Lin offered me a personal gift. Sure, I had been the recipient of many gifts— flowers, chocolate candies, homemade food—but all had been shared with the entire staff. This situation was different: She was presenting me with a small, hand-embroidered hankie. No note, no verbal thank-you—just a smile and a bow. I had first met Lin about 10 months before, when she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. She had worked long, hard hours as a housekeeper; had a devoted husband and 2 beautiful boys, both in elementary school; and barely spoke English. I was the nurse who helped her understand her diagnosis, her access device, and her complex 2-year chemotherapy protocol, with all its adverse effects. She had just finished her initial phase of intense treatment and was transitioning to maintenance therapy.
Last year I had a preceptor for a new job that I took, and I didn’t know what thank you gift to get her. So I just started observing more intentionally what she liked to chat about, and what activities she enjoyed outside of work. My thank you gift at the end of our time together was a bag of gourmet hot cocoa and a big pack of diet coke along with a thank you note. She was so touched and to this day still raves about how much she loved that hot chocolate.
Every single handmade ERKA stethoscope is a unique masterpiece: elaborately polished and chrome plated by a master craftsman. With multiple models designed for any nursing level and specialty, these stethoscopes are unmatched for quality and optimal auscultation. For an extra special touch, you can also choose from a wide range of different tube colors and chest-pieces to render a nurse's everyday life a little more colorful.       ">
If finding gifts for nurses leaves you scratching your head every time, this is the gift list for you. No tacky mugs, no tween cartoon “theme” memorabilia – this list is comprised of the unabashedly stylish, the unquestionably pragmatic, and some surprisingly affordable kinds of gifts that you can not only be proud to give, but that you might actually be happy to receive as well.
Consider championing a proactive approach at your facility to clearly communicate that staff are not allowed to receive monetary gifts or the equivalent. Create a statement—e.g., “It is our policy that staff may not accept gifts of any kind”— that can be shared with new patients in their information packet about the facility, parking, visitors, etc, and suggest alternatives for redirecting gifts.